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About ILR


This is who we are and how we show up in the world.

The ILR School stands at the nexus of critical thinking and societal impact. Since our founding in 1945, we’ve been at the heart of extraordinary transformations in the workplace and in the lives of workers. Today, ILR honors and extends that legacy. We connect, inspire, and challenge tomorrow’s leaders and equip them with bold new approaches to work, employment, and labor. We embrace multiple and diverse perspectives, encourage principled debate, and collaborate across disciplines. And we operate in the real world, drawing on the richness of our community to drive positive impact for people and society, today and in the future. 

About ILR


When we’re pressed for space, we can be a little more succinct. 

ILR is the nexus of critical thinking and societal impact. We embrace multiple perspectives, encourage debate, and collaborate across disciplines to understand and redefine work, employment, and labor.

About ILR


Uniquely, we are a school of social sciences that approaches workplace issues from diverse perspectives. When communicating with an audience not already familiar with ILR, it’s helpful to have a shorthand. 

ILR is a living laboratory of the workplace.